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Some driving offences can be dealt with by the individual without any legal advice. Less serious cases usually don’t require any professional legal advice. However, there are some occasions where hiring a motoring solicitor is essential. But how do you know whether you need a motoring solicitor or not? When should you seek legal advice for motoring issues? There are a few situations where seeking advice from a qualified motoring solicitor like caddick davies would be essential or highly recommended. Here are three situations you could find yourself in, that we encourage you to seek legal advice for:

When you want to appeal a driving ban: You might not even be aware that a driving ban can be appealed. Most people just accept them and continue with their lives. But, you don’t need to just accept it. If you think your driving ban is unfair for whatever reason, you absolutely have the right to appeal. So if you think the sentence is too harsh or the wrong decision, you might want to consider taking the case to court. In order to progress with the appeal successfully, we’d recommend you hire a caddick davies motoring solicitor to represent you. Getting the right advice could help you appeal a decision which is unfair.

If you’re involved in an accident: If you’ve been involved in a traffic accident, and you feel you weren’t to blame for the accident, you’re probably looking for some form of compensation for the financial expense as well as any possible injuries that occurred. However, this type of compensation can be very difficult to get – even when you feel you’re entitled to it. If you don’t feel your insurance company is taking your case seriously, it might be time to look at hiring a motoring solicitor like caddick davies. They will access your case, advise if they think you’re entitled to compensation and then help you through all stages of the legal process.

If you’ve been charged with dangerous driving: If you’ve been charged with dangerous driving by a court, you will require a motoring solicitor. Dangerous driving is a serious offence that will be dealt with by a court. Trying to deal with the court case alone rather than receiving proper legal advice on the matter could end up being a very poor decision. If you don’t know the legal system or don’t have enough knowledge on the subject, you’ll be very poorly equipped to defend yourself. You can hire a solicitor to defend you in court if you feel you are not guilty, or our motoring solicitor can appeal for a less serious charge instead. Either way, in this type of situation it’s highly recommended that you receive legal advice regarding your case.

Whatever your situation, and whatever the reason you might need a motoring solicitor, remember that for a non-professional it’s very difficult to defend yourself. You may think that a motoring offence isn’t that serious, and you might think you don’t need any legal advice – this is a common misconception. In these situations, it will be very beneficial to hire a motoring solicitor like caddick davies who knows all the laws and how they work. Knowledge is everything. If you try and deal with the charges yourself and end up hiring a solicitor later – that only means the solicitor has less time to help you with the case. For the best outcome, we’d recommend hiring a caddick davies motoring solicitor as early on as possible.